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Pet Friendly Rooms

Our Bay Palms Waterfront Resort has been completely renovated, and now features several pet friendly hotel rooms and bedroom suites. If you contact us directly, we can tell you more about the availability of pet friendly rooms as well as the various kinds of options you can choose from. Please note that there is a small fee of $25.00 per pet per day and you can only have a maximum of two pets that weigh no more than 50lbs in a room. However, the good news for longer staying visitors is that the maximum fee for pets is $375, regardless of the length of the stay.

Nearby Dog Parks and Resort Area

The area around Bay Palms Waterfront Resort is 1,500 square feet, and has waterfront decks as well as shaded areas for your pet to take a much needed rest. In addition to the in-house opportunities for your pets’ roaming needs, there are also two popular dog parks within walking distance from Bay Palms Waterfront Resort, so your dogs have a chance to make new furry friends every day of their vacation.

Fort De Soto County Park

Located near our pet friendly Bay Palms Waterfront Resort is Fort De Soto County Park, the largest park in the Pinellas County Park System, featuring an amazing wealth of bird, sea, wild and plant life, and beautiful scenery. It’s the only park that allows dogs directly on the beach. Fort De Soto County Park also has designated play areas, and dogs can even run free outside the gated areas, as long as they are well trained. After a day of beach frolicking, the dogs can take a shower in the designated area that also has a dog-height water fountain.

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