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While staying Plaza Beach Resorts a collection of three award winning resorts located in St. Pete Beach you will be staying close to two of Florida’s biggest celebrities, Winter and Hope. They may not have yet reached the same level of fame as other Florida natives like William H. Macy or Maya Rudolph, but they are superstars in their own way. Winter and Hope, two rescued dolphins that reside at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, both played themselves in the movies Dolphin Tale 1 and 2. The lives of Winter, the star of Dolphin Tale 1, and Hope, the co-star of Dolphin Tale 2, provide the touching true stories portrayed in the films.

Winter, at only three months old, was found trapped in a crab trap line with extensive injuries to her tail. When doctors determined that her tail could not be saved, a group of marine veterinarians began working on making the world’s first prosthetic tail with a functioning fluke and joint. While Winter had adapted to swim without her tail, with the prosthesis in place she can keep up with the other dolphins.  The 2011 film adaptation of her inspirational story features notable actors like Morgan Freeman, Ashely Judd, and Kris Kristofferson.

Hope, at around three months old as well, was found exactly five years and one day after Winter was found in not too far from where Winter was rescued. She had been left by her mother and was very dehydrated and lacked the nourishment she needed at that young age. She arrived at Clearwater Marine Aquarium the day of the wrap party for Dolphin Tale. While their goal is to release the rehabbed animals to their natural habitat, since Hope was found at such a young age, her mother had never taught her the skills needed to survive in the wild. Dolphin Tale 2, which was theatrically released in September 2014, is the film adaptation of Hope’s story and her relationship with Winter.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium features Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure, which has interactive exhibits, movie props, and activities for the kids. Located just 30 minutes north of the Plaza Beach Resorts, we encourage all of our guests to go show their support for these two inspirational dolphins. Guest staying at any of the three Plaza Beach Resorts will also enjoy discounted admission tickets.

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